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On this page, you can look up current news of my Youtube Channel.
The Disney Cars 15th Anniversary
Radiator Springs Network am 30.12.2020 um 22:37 (UTC)
 We've had a long and enduring year behind us. The world had to face an unexpected and totally new crisis and many things could not follow their usual routine.
Still there were some good moments as people did not stop to dream, they continued being creative. Also, we were able to celebrate special anniversaries that don't need big parties: Toy Story, the first full-animated feature became 25 years old.
In 2021, there is another big birthday to celebrate: Cars, the reason why this homepage exists, turns 15 years old. 15 years of racing and collecting diecast models.
I don't want to miss that birthday so that you will be able to watch a series of videos about the Cars franchise - memories from 15 years - on my Youtube channel soon. Tune in and get back in time!

Tales from Radiator Springs Stop Motion Series
Radiator Springs Network am 24.11.2020 um 21:46 (UTC)
 Get on the road to Radiator Springs - the cutiest little town in Carburator County! The new Stop Motion Series "Tales from Radiator Springs" debutes on November 29 and is aired weekly. The first wave includes 5 episodes, each about 3-5 minutes long.
More episodes are planned and in development. Don't forget: Life is about the journey, not the finish line!

25 Years of Toy Story - A Big Pixar Anniversary
Radiator Springs Network am 05.04.2020 um 19:56 (UTC)
 It's hard to believe, but the Pixar classic "Toy Story" celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2020, exactly on the 19th November. Do you want to know why this birthday is so special? There are several reasons: First of all "Toy Story" was the first completely CGI-animated feature film. Secondly, it was the first Pixar (feature) film and to conclude all four Toy Story movies have grossed nearly 3 billion dollars worldwide at box office. While the animation has improved up to a "photo-realistic" level, the characters and stories of the movies have never grown old.
Somehow, Disney doesn't make that big events out of anniversaries, like for example "The Lion King" which became 25 years old last year. We got a real movie remake of the film, but there was no announcement about the anniversary itself.
So I thought we shoudn't miss that big event for Toy Story this year and took some time to find some great Youtube video ideas. As I am a die-hard Toy Story fan (like many Cars fans), it perfectly fits into my channel and the schedule can be modified to it.
I don't know exactly how many videos I gonna do, but they will start soon to have enough time to celebrate. I have already recorded some and there are some other ideas, but if you want to propose anything, feel free to do so!
That's all for now.Thanks for reading and see you soon!

Social Media & Channel Construction
Radiator Springs Network am 28.01.2020 um 22:05 (UTC)
 There are some changes on my Youtube Channel for 2020 I want to inform you about. You may know much of the news because of my last update video.

Generally speaking, my Youtube channel will be connected with my other social media accounts including this page. Any information and news about my channel will be listed here. I will inform you about new scores on Instagram and about new videos on Facebook as well as in my Instagram story. As always, new additions to my collection are listed on the homepage.

Apart from that, I want to mention my further Channel Construction as there wasn't that much order for such a long time. I talked about doing at least 2 videos per month. Also, my Youtube channel has 3 different sections:

- Reviews: Those include Sponsor Developments, special single reviews and Birthday/Christmas hauls
-" Documentary": This is mainly the "World of Cars" videos which feature speculations and analyses on the Cars movies, characters, places...
- Entertainment: This is the main part of my channel - every (Stop Motion) movie/series production

Last but not least, I am willing to have a main movie (series) project for each year which will always run in summer (June-August) and some sub-projects that are released in my Easter or Fall/Christmas holidays.




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