All the bumps along the road, that’s what makes life worth living.
Welcome to the Radiator Springs Network site!
Tune in to discover my Cars collection!
Explore, dive in and be part of the World of Cars!

When John Lasseter took a family road trip in a caravan after the release of "Toy Story 2" in 1999 in order to spend some time with the ones he loved, he didn't know what would be the result of his experiences and impressions. It was this spirit of being together that inspired him to create a whole new universe - the World of Cars.
The Disney PIXAR Cars franchise has developed a lot since the first feature film in 2006 and with it the Cars-themed Mattel Die-Cast line. Everyday, Cars lets millions of fans escape their daily fears and worries and be who they are by living out their passion!
Welcome to my part of that world: A die-cast collection that has grown as I grew and that has made me who I am. It's more than just a childhood-love for me, it has even drawn my own Disney Cars-based YouTube channel with it - Radiator Springs Network. This channel has also awakened a passion in me that was just waiting to be discovered: To create my own stories and realize them in the form of Stop Motion films.
Thanks to all the people who have been there since the whole thing started and who have helped me to be the young man I am now!
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