All the bumps along the road, that’s what makes life worth living.


There is a list with my latest adds and a preview for models which I'll get soon or which are planned for future!

Recent adds:

Sally (Welcome to RS)
One Eye Mater

Lightning McQueen (Ice Racers)
Lewis Hamilton (IR)
Max Schnell (IR)
Miguel Camino (IR)
Shu Tudoroki (IR)
Nigel Gearsley (IR)
Lewis Hamilton (Silver Racers)
Doc Hudson (Precision Series)
Sheriff (Precision Series)

Road Trip LMQ (Color Changers)

Tyranamissiasaurus Rex


Speed Demon
Tractor with Tire
Colin Bohrev
George New-Win

Sarah Coggs
Kay Pillar-Durev
RC Cruz Ramirez
Royce Revsley
Datz Jammin
Revo Kos
Peggy Liner

Gearston Marshall
Doug Crankel
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